Adding custom endpoint to IdentityServer4

IdentityServer 4 Mar 06, 2020
  • Firstly, setup an IdentityServer project, open up the command line and paste these commands:
dotnet new -i IdentityServer4.Templates
md quickstart
cd quickstart
md src
cd src
dotnet new is4empty -n IdentityServer
dotnet new is4ui -n IdentityServer
cd ..
dotnet new sln -n Quickstart
dotnet sln add .\src\IdentityServer\IdentityServer.csproj
Command Line

  • The next step is to build and run the solution correctly as following:
Home Page

  • Add your custom controller to project:
public class CustomApiController : ControllerBase
    public IActionResult Get()
        // omitted

  • Add your endpoint to the discovery document, like this:
services.AddIdentityServer(options =>
    options.Discovery.CustomEntries.Add("custom_api", "~/customapi");

  • Finally, run the project and now you can see your custom endpoint on the discovery document:
Discovery Document


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