Passing Client Certificate to Pod from Kubernetes Ingress

kubernetes Mar 10, 2020

If you have a project with Mutual Authentication and you are running on Kubernetes. You must transfer the Client Certificate to the pod on Kubernetes.

add this arg - --enable-ssl-passthrough your nginx-ingress-controller like this

      - args:
        - /nginx-ingress-controller
        - --default-backend-service=$(POD_NAMESPACE)/default-http-backend
        - --configmap=$(POD_NAMESPACE)/nginx-configuration
        - --tcp-services-configmap=$(POD_NAMESPACE)/tcp-services
        - --udp-services-configmap=$(POD_NAMESPACE)/udp-services
        - --enable-ssl-passthrough

then add some annotations your ingress

  annotations: nginx HTTPS "true" "true" "true"
you can now access your service on Kubernetes with a client certificate


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